Wisconsin Bankruptcy Costs: Know the Costs Now to Start Preparing for this Transition

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Wisconsin Bankruptcy Costs: Know the Costs Now to Start Preparing for this Transition

If you’re considering bankruptcy, you’re likely concerned about the associated bankruptcy costs. Bankruptcy can provide much-needed relief from overwhelming debt, but it’s essential to understand the expenses involved in the process. In this guide, we’ll break down the various fees you may encounter when filing for bankruptcy in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Bankruptcy Costs: Understanding Bankruptcy Fees

Bankruptcy costs and fees can vary depending on the type of bankruptcy you file and the specific circumstances of your case. Here’s a breakdown of the different fees you might encounter:

1. Petition Fees

  • Chapter 7 Petition: $338.00
  • Chapter 7 Involuntary Petition: $338.00
  • Chapter 9 Petition: $1,738.00
  • Chapter 11 Petition: $1,738.00
  • Chapter 12 Petition: $278.00
  • Chapter 13 Petition: $313.00

2. Motion to Reopen Fees

  • Reopen Chapter 7: $260.00
  • Reopen Chapter 11: $1,167.00
  • Reopen Chapter 12: $200.00
  • Reopen Chapter 13: $235.00

3. Conversion Fees

  • Conversion from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7: $25.00
  • Conversion from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7: $15.00
  • Conversion from Chapter 12 to Chapter 7: $60.00
  • Conversion from Chapter 7 to a Chapter 11: $922.00
  • Conversion from Chapter 13 to a Chapter 11: $932.00
  • Conversion from Chapter 12 to Chapter 11: No charge
  • Conversion from Chapter 12 to Chapter 13: No charge

4. Adversary Proceeding Fees

  • Adversary Proceeding: $350.00

5. Division of Joint Case Fees

  • Bifurcate (split a case), Chapter 7: $338.00
  • Bifurcate (split a case), Chapter 11: $1,738.00
  • Bifurcate (split a case), Chapter 12: $278.00
  • Bifurcate (split a case), Chapter 13: $313.00

6. Motion Fees

  • Relief From Stay: $188.00
  • Abandonment: $188.00
  • Withdraw Reference: $188.00
  • Sale of Property Free & Clear of Liens (U.S.C. Sec. 363(f)): $188.00
  • Redact a Record: $26 per affected case (The court may waive this fee under appropriate circumstances.)

7. Appeal Fees

  • Appeals: $298.00
  • Cross Appeals: $298.00
  • Direct Appeals: $207.00

8. Amendment Fees

  • Amendments to Schedules: List of Creditors, Matrix, or Mailing Lists, Adding Creditors: $32.00

9. Transfer of Claim Fee

  • Transfer of Claim: $26.00

10. Reproduction Fees

  • Copy Requests: $0.50 per page
  • Labels (produce a mailing list on labels): $5.00 per page

11. Miscellaneous Fees

  • Search Fee: $32.00
  • Certification of a Document: $11.00 per certification
  • Retrieval of Case from National Archives: $64.00
  • Retrieval of Case from National Archives-additional boxes: $39.00
  • Registration of Judgment from Another District: $49.00
  • Transcript of Judgments: $9.00
  • Exemplification: $23.00
  • Any payment returned or denied for insufficient funds
  • Reproduction of an Audio Recording of a Court Proceeding: $53.00
  • Providing copies of records in electronic form when those records are not stored in CM/ECF or available in PACER: $32.00

Please note that these fees are subject to change, and it’s essential to check the latest fee schedule when considering bankruptcy.

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Wisconsin Bankruptcy Costs:  Filing Fees

As of 2023, the filing fees for bankruptcy in Wisconsin are as follows:

  • Chapter 7: $335
  • Chapter 13: $310

These fees are non-refundable, regardless of any mistakes or dismissals. If you’re unable to pay the fee upfront, the court may allow you to enter a payment plan.

Wisconsin Bankruptcy Costs: The Value of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

While it’s not mandatory to hire an attorney when filing for bankruptcy, doing so can significantly improve your chances of a successful outcome. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate the process, minimize mistakes, and ensure that all paperwork is correctly filled out and submitted on time. Here are some reasons why hiring an attorney is worth the cost:

  • Expert Guidance: A lawyer will help you understand bankruptcy law and determine the most suitable type of bankruptcy for your case.
  • Error Prevention: They ensure that all paperwork is accurately completed and submitted, reducing the risk of dismissal and protecting your assets.
  • Representation: Your attorney can represent you in creditor meetings, advocating for your interests.
  • Alternatives: An attorney can explore alternatives to bankruptcy, potentially saving you money and helping you avoid the cost of bankruptcy altogether.

At Dahlberg Law Group, Attorney Steve Eichstaedt offers free consultations to evaluate your case and provide you with an accurate quote for achieving a successful outcome.  Contact Dahlberg Law Group at (262) 677-8999 for a free consultation.

Wisconsin Bankruptcy Costs: Don’t Let the Fear of Costs Stop You

Bankruptcy may seem financially daunting, but it’s essential to understand that it doesn’t necessarily lead to financial ruin. While there are bankruptcy costs involved, the relief it offers can outweigh these expenses. Moreover, bankruptcy doesn’t always mean losing all your assets. Many assets are exempt, depending on the type of bankruptcy you file.

If you’re overwhelmed by debt and struggling to regain your financial footing, bankruptcy can provide the fresh start you need. To fully grasp your possible bankruptcy costs and explore the best options for your situation, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

Don’t let the fear of new bills hold you back from taking control of your financial future. The debt-relieving benefits of bankruptcy often far outweigh the associated costs. Reach out to Dahlberg Law Group today and gain clarity on your path to financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wisconsin Bankruptcy Costs

Q1: Do I have to hire an attorney to file for bankruptcy in Wisconsin?

A1: No, it’s not mandatory to hire an attorney, but having one can greatly improve your chances of a successful outcome and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Q2: Are there alternatives to bankruptcy in Wisconsin?

A2: Yes, there are alternatives to bankruptcy in Wisconsin, such as the Wisconsin-only Chapter 128 debt relief option. Consulting with an attorney can help you explore these alternatives.

Q3: How can I find a court-approved provider for credit counseling and debt management courses?

A3: Our experienced attorneys can help you find a court-approved provider that offers services suitable for your budget.

For more information and personalized guidance about Wisconsin bankruptcy costs, contact Dahlberg Law Group today at (262) 677-8999.

For additional information and step-by-step guidance on the bankruptcy process in Wisconsin, please visit the Wisconsin Bankruptcy FAQs and explore the available forms for download.