Speeding Tickets Wisconsin: Beat the Speeding Ticket and Save Your License in Wisconsin

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Speeding Tickets Wisconsin: Beat the Speeding Ticket and Save Your License in Wisconsin

Speeding tickets are more than just an inconvenience; they can lead to fines, court fees, points on your license, and even license suspension. But fear not, there are ways to fight these charges. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the strategies and defenses that experienced lawyers use to reduce or drop speeding ticket charges in Wisconsin.

Speeding Tickets Wisconsin: Understanding the Penalties

Before delving into the tactics to fight speeding tickets, let’s first understand the potential penalties in Wisconsin:

  • Fine: You’ll face a monetary fine, which can vary depending on the speed over the limit and the municipality where you received the ticket.
  • Court Costs: In addition to the fine, you may also have to pay court costs associated with the ticket.
  • Points: Speeding violations result in points being added to your driver’s license. Accumulating too many points can lead to license suspension.
  • Insurance Rates: Speeding tickets can cause your insurance premiums to increase significantly.

Now that you’re aware of the potential consequences let’s explore the strategies to beat those speeding tickets Wisconsin.

Speeding Tickets Wisconsin: Traffic Violation Defenses

Speeding Tickets Wisconsin: Defense #1 Not Speeding

Sometimes, you genuinely weren’t exceeding the speed limit when you were pulled over. This can happen when an officer’s estimation is incorrect or due to varying speeds of nearby vehicles. While it can be challenging to prove your innocence in a “your word against the officer’s” situation, an experienced attorney can help navigate this complex scenario and advocate on your behalf.

Speeding Tickets Wisconsin: Defense #2 Not Your Vehicle

When officers use radar to determine a vehicle’s speed, they must correctly identify the target vehicle. If your vehicle was traveling amidst traffic, it becomes harder for the officer to pinpoint your exact speed. This opens up the possibility that you were not the offender. However, making this argument is best done with the assistance of an attorney, as the officer is likely to testify that the radar accurately identified your vehicle.

Speeding Tickets Wisconsin: Defense #3 Radar Calibration

Like any measuring instrument, radar devices must be regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure accuracy. An attorney can request records associated with the radar unit used by the officer. If the records show any issues with maintenance or calibration, your attorney can argue that the radar results were unreliable, making it harder for the prosecution to prove its case.

These are just a few possible defenses, and an experienced attorney may uncover more based on the specifics of your case. While defending yourself or seeking leniency from the court can be valid tactics, they may not be as effective as having an attorney with expertise in speeding ticket cases.

Speeding Tickets Wisconsin: How to Drop or Reduce Speeding Charges

If you’re facing fines, court fees, or license suspension due to speeding violations, it’s crucial to act swiftly. Seeking the assistance of a trusted speeding violation lawyer can be your best course of action.

King Tse, one of the most recognized lawyers in Wisconsin, has a remarkable track record of success in handling speeding ticket cases. His reputation for getting charges reduced or dropped has earned him numerous awards and accolades. When your driving record and future are at stake, having King Tse represent you can make all the difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Speeding Tickets Wisconsin

Q1: How long does a misdemeanor speeding charge stay on your record in Wisconsin? A misdemeanor speeding charge can stay on your record for an extended period. It’s essential to consult with an attorney to explore options for contesting the charge or having it removed from your record.

Q2: Are there resources to access information about the criminal process and laws in Wisconsin? Yes, for more information about the criminal process and laws in Wisconsin, you can visit Wisconsin State Law Library.

Q3: Where can I check what I’ve been charged with in the circuit court? You can access information about the charges filed against you in the circuit court by visiting Wisconsin Circuit Court Access.

In conclusion, speeding tickets Wisconsin can have significant consequences, but with the right strategies and legal representation, you can improve your chances of beating these charges. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Attorney King Tse at Dahlberg Law Group for assistance with your speeding ticket case. Your initial phone consultation is free, so take the first step towards protecting your driving record and future.