Dog Bite Injuries: Essential Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured by a Dog in Wisconsin

Dog bite injuries in Wisconsin

Dog Bite Injuries: Essential Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured by a Dog in Wisconsin

Dogs are a common sight in Wisconsin, but dog bite injuries can happen unexpectedly. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to take if you’ve been injured by a dog in Wisconsin, including understanding Wisconsin dog bite laws and the importance of seeking medical attention. Whether you’re a dog owner or not, it’s crucial to know how to protect your rights and get the help you need after a dog bite.

5 Steps to Take if You Are Bitten by a Dog

1. Call the police or 911: If you or someone you’re with suffers a serious dog bite, seek immediate medical assistance by calling 911. Responding officers can also help restrain the dog if needed.

2. Gather information from the dog owner: After the dog is restrained, collect important information from the dog owner, such as their name, address, and contact details. Note the dog’s size, color, breed, and name. Taking photos of the scene and your injuries is also helpful for documentation.

3. Get medical attention: Even if the injuries seem minor, it’s advisable to seek medical treatment from an urgent care or emergency room. Prompt medical attention ensures proper care and documentation of your injuries, protecting against infections and other complications.

4. Notify local animal control: If the police weren’t involved, contact local animal control to report the dog bite incident. Ensure they receive essential details while keeping your statements factual.

5. Consult with a Wisconsin dog bite attorney: While cooperating with law enforcement and animal control, refrain from discussing the incident in detail until consulting with the personal injury attorneys at Dahlberg Law Group. They can guide you on your dog bite injury case.

Corgi on back after dog bite injuries in wisconsin

Do You Have to Report Being Bitten by a Dog in Wisconsin?

Yes, if the dog bite breaks or punctures the skin, it must be reported to local animal control officials. In severe cases, call 911 immediately. Reporting a dog bite incident is essential to document the event and determine liability.

Who Pays for Medical Bills After a Dog Injury in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin follows strict liability laws, making dog owners responsible for injuries caused by their dogs. For the first bite incident, the owner is liable for damages and may face fines. Penalties double for subsequent incidents. In some cases, if the injured person is found negligent, their compensation may be reduced.

When to Consult an Attorney

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, consult an attorney like Attorney Phil Dahlberg  at Dahlberg Law Group soon after seeking medical attention. Avoid making agreements with the dog owner independently. The initial consultation is often free, and you don’t pay unless you win your case. Let experienced dog bite lawyers help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Being injured by a dog is a distressing experience, and knowing your rights is crucial. Dahlberg Law Group’s experienced dog bite attorneys are here to assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve been injured in a dog bite incident. Your rights matter, and we’re here to protect them. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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